Broken: Sitting in the Pew


my heart is broken,

sitting in the pew,

listening to the pastor,

exhort I need to “come to you!”


Don’t want to be here,

sitting in shame,

looking around,

my situation,

who’s else is the same?!


God is omnipotent,

all powerful,

all knowing,

recognize this,

when doubts start flowing.


Without faith,

prayers don’t matter,

your mind just feels,

oh so scattered.


In Mark 11 of the NIV,

Bible says in Verse 23,

“Tell the mountain,

go throw yourself,

into the sea!”


Satan is sneaky,

looks at your calendar,

crammed, slammed,

your schedule,

filled with constant upheaval.


All the while,

falling back,

your fervor,

no longer,

a spiritual Evel Knievel.


Bible tells us though,

Jesus still loves us,

even when,

circumstances denies us.








avoid the Devil’s bait.


Don’t turn into,

self-help seekers,

and avoid being God’s Promise-Keepers.


Jesus’ promise?


the door will open,

even if your heart is broken.






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My community
My country


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