"Follow Me, Follow Me"

There once was a man

Who laid under an old sicamore tree

He was young but wise

And seen good in Gods eyes

He'd nod and wave

Whenever one called his name 

He'd never pout 

When someone would doubt

He'd walk from town to town

To tell everybody around

Follow me, follow me 

To my fathers kingdom we leave

He had twelve friends who loved him so

They followed him, followed him

Til his blood ran cold

He never gave up on love

When love flew from him like a dove

Instead he cried 

Follow me, follow me! 

My father the king is waiting

Some people laughed, some people cried

But all they did was testify

Accusing that he was a lie

So that maybe he would die

When all else failed

Their final blow prevailed 

They hung him on a tree

Pulled him off his feet 

Hung him there, so all could see

That he was a felony

How he could of called his fathers name

Call his legions and armies same

To defend his great name

But history would never be the same

His mother kneeled by his feet

You could hear the sound of her weep, weep, weep

Her tears ran deep

And fell on his feet

The ground caught them like it was a seat

All his friends were gathered around

One less twelve, one was not found

They all felt the cloud of shame 

How could they think he could save?

When life's first breath to final draw

He breathed his last

Everyone saw

They hid him in a cave so deep

So maybe he could rest in peace

Three suns and three moons

The mouth of the cave had seen

After that the ground shook

The guards in front of the cave could not look

The stone in front of the cave rolled away

A messenger of the king stood in the way

He told two girls the man had gone away

That he had set the captives free 

And that he was on his way 

To see the king this day

Later on he hugged his friends

Said goodbye and it was not the end

He departed by rising in the sky

He told them to tell the world of his life

What he did so they could be free, free, free

And not captives be 

And to follow me, follow me 


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