Car Accident


United States
25° 56' 9.132" N, 80° 19' 36.7716" W

Someone please call 911 I think my heart is beating abnormally. My lungs feel like (gasp, gasp) oxygen is taking the final exodus out. All I want to do is BREATH can anyone (gasp) help me?? Tears are flowing like the Nile river but this water isn't helping to irrigate the crop lines of veins screeching for oxygen instead of fear.

I'm starting to feel lightheaded (holds head) but a head I see light dawning. I remember childhood stories saying not to walk into the light. But... This light is different than what most described. This light is a blank canvas ready to use my tears to fertilize this watercolor painting of my life to come. Splashing red and blue pumping blood and air back through the vessles. Recitating my from my asthma attack of fear. Coming from running my thoughts 3 feet into the ground, dehydration of living water, thrown into a sudden shock of seeking success...

Be still.

And know that I... Wait what was that?? These voices are growing louder (panic) the closer I get to this white light.

Hope, you have people who love you and who are dying to give you advice or support on anything you need ...

Who said that?!

He's concerned about your heart...whatever you do will work as long as It's too his glory...


My head is starting to spin. Where are all these voices coming from?? My heart was starting to beat slower than its normal pace and then He grabbed me. Held my close with comforting arms covered in white his presence was pure. Holding with compassion (one arm) and peace (the other arm) and I could feel his heart beat as my head rested against his chest. It was as if my operating system was screaming you have 5% left, 3% left, 2%...and before my system crashed from battery failure he plugged his universal charger of love to pump life back into my arteries. His heart beat syncing with mine, so I could function furthermore. He breathed life into me and I understand how Eve must have felt because air was suddenly being pumped into my lungs like a pump fills a flat basketball. Flat ball, flat line, lined up time, so I could ball again. Coming back into my veins through his fingers like IVs. He bought vitamins b for belief, c for comfort, e for everlasting, and f for faith. This system failure was now under control.

My eyes were fully open I could feel love. God held me in his arms and reminded me to never unplug the source, my source that was keeping me alive. Without him my flesh is just in a vegetative coma. And the voices were people praying and encouraging me to come back to life. My worries had hit me like a Mac truck as I crossed the street trying to play hooky with what I thought were my friends their names were failure, deceit, and low self esteem. I had almost made it to the other side of the street but after the accident what I thought were my friends, left me lying in the street (gasping) for my last breath. But Jesus saw the whole thing and immediately checked me into the er and by my side he spoke words of encouragement into the unconscious while praying strength and deliverance into my future with him.



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