Because I Love You


Why would You create me?--

Why did You make me in Your own image?--

Why did You flood the earth

And give mankind a second chance?

Why do You provide for my needs?

Why do You comfort me in my troubles?

Why do You help me through my struggles?

Why do You hold me when I cry?

Why do You protect me everyday?

Why do You make even my enemies be in peace with me?

Why do You encamp angels around me?

Why would You choose me

To do Your work on earth?

Why did You send Your only son to die for us--

Even if it was just for me?

Why do You want to strengthen our relationship?

Why do You teach me all the time?

Why do You give me opportunities to sow seed and reap harvest?

Why do You give me power over the devil?

Why do You want to bless me beyond measure?

Why do You forgive my sins, no matter how big?

Why do You do all these things for me?



"Because I love you."

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