Dear Father in Heaven

Father, can you hear me? My heart in pain outcrying,I need redemption, I beg you, please, To calm my fear of dying. Father, I apologize;I lay my burdens down.For all the sin and all the lies, I’m sorry, I cry out.  Father, for your grace, I thank you;I’ve flourished like a flower.This deed you’ve done has made me new; This is my finest hour.  Father, I am scared of change, My life, I want to give.But won’t the world now think me strange, If for your will I live?  Father, I will trust you My fears, you will relieveAnd through and through, you always knewWhat purpose I’ll receive.   And Father, I will praise you;Your love is greater still!My pain has ceased, I now have peace And strength to do your will.  


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