Can't live without family

If I was stranded on a island 

The one thing I simply couldn't live without is

My family

God, friends, and my girlfriend are all considered my family

I can't bear the fact that people around the world are;

Hated by their family or they can't stand their family

I know that we all go through many trials as human beings

But, don't let the struggles, weight, and evils of the world 

Tear you apart from the bond you hold with your family

See, before you were born God knew you.

Your Mother will never stop loving you

Your Father will never leave you

Brothers and Sisters will always support you

Friends will pull you out no matter how far you fall

I can have my dream job, but when its gone will I be happy?

I can be on my own, but am I happy?

I could own the latest games, clothes, shoes, but it still doesn't make me happy.

I could try to fill the void, but no matter what I try; I will never be completely happy.

Family is everything, you can never throw them away.

They are always their for you, showering you with love

Even if they're broken themselves

If that's the one thing I couldn't live without

Then, I'm happy.


This poem is about: 
My family


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