By Grace

Fri, 07/31/2015 - 21:31 -- BCuster

Through grace i was found
Freed from my sinful bound
Made a new creature in His eyes
I bid sin grateful goodbyes

Through awe-inspiring i may be
I am no where near great as He
To serve in His glory is magnificent
Wherever I be sent

His precious blood flows through me
Which is why i am a child of He
Amazing am i, through broken
With a second chance, a given token
A gift of love, a gift of hope
There is a way to cope

Through He am i made beautiful
With His blood is my soul plentiful
Through He am i made righteous
With His mercies have i become pious

All these reasons am i intriguing
And still as you keep reading
You wonder what is fantastic of me
It is that i am a child of He


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