some questions

are we the glistening flakes of snow that fall

between trees?

the sum of every analogy

could not describe what I believe;

what being


means to me.

and if my god is out there,

he – or she – or it –

might damn well not even answer the door when we come calling –

lost and unaware.

are we right to be scared?


is fear the proper response to this





Or is that same fixation just leading us to miss

all the beauty around us –

we can’t perceive it, but in just one instant

the universe interacts on a scale that none of us can truly imagine –

entropy increases – we’re one moment closer to death

and if all we do is pray to our own Gods, truly

what have we learned?

what heaven have we earned?

if we look all around us, the heaven

for which we yearn is ever present, ever-earned.

if we fail to see heaven in it’s true light – all around us –

perhaps we have never lived at all.

are we saved, or

do we



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