I am not allowed


I’m not allowed


My God is gentle, He is sweet, He is kind

He has given me my body, soul, and mind


My God is loving, He is powerful and strong

I will follow Him all the day long


My God is in heaven seated on His throne

I am an Earth, but I am never alone


My God is greater than a sinner like me

But that is the way it should always be


You can believe in your god

 I’m not allowed to believe in mine


My God is truth, He is wonder, He is all

Before Him, on my face, I shall fall


My God is worthy of honor and praise

To him, my arms, I will forever raise


My God is here, and now and forever

My life is His, ceasing never


My God gave me the gift of salvation 

Now I am free from wrath and damnation


You can believe in your god 

I’m not allowed to believe in mine


For him I keep my thoughts to myself

And throw my pride away on the shelf


With Him I am slandered and cursed 

But without Him my life would be infinitely worse


My God is in me

And forever shall be


So you believe in your god

But that will NOT stop me from believing in mine



I love it! Beautiful


Thank you so much! That means a lot to me.

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