I have always felt sick, wounded, and worn.
I have been sick since the day that I was born.
My body became my own worst enemy
Constantly working so hard to kill me,
On the days when I thought my body would succeed,
My Lord was showing His power through me.
I never believed I could of much use
Because I was beaten by my body's abuse
On the days that I laid, crying, sick in bed
My Heavenly Father heard every word that I said.
I pleaded "God I can't take this. I'm not strong, I'm so weak."
He said "Be still my child, and listen while I speak.
You don't have to worry about trying to be strong.
You're in My arms, daughter, that's where you belong.
I have always been here, holding your hand, 
Carrying you on the days when you cried out "I can't"
My child, We have done this, you've made it through
You have done all the things you thought you couldn't do
You are special My child, and never forget
That I love you and I gave you a beautiful gift.
You were not a mistake, a flaw in My beautiful plan,
You glorified Me, before your precious life even began.
I knew you were special when I made you that way.
I said 'This is the one I will make great someday.
She will play a most beautiful part in My story.
She will be the one to bring Me much glory.
I know her, she will be trusting and strong,'
I never doubted you, daughter, I knew all along.
I am using you always for My perfect will, 
Just like My Son who I sent to the cross to be killed.
I will use you to show My great, awesome power, 
You are not broken, sweet one, you're a beautiful flower.
You are perfect, My dear, you lack nothing to bring.
So take heart, My daughter, and rest in My wings."


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