Learning-The time is now!


To learn: a sweet honor, improvement the goal.

A true test of diligence, body, and soul.

This battle so daunting, while still in thy youth,

to search for the beauties and virtues of truth.


Our triumph, a victry' more precious that gold.

This great aim, the noblest that mankind can hold.

The diligent student, a scholar will be,

a blessing for all time and eternity


Fight and learn quickly our due time is at hand,

when our Maker will call, and with Him we'll stand.

He'll ask for accounts of our sweet gift of time,

and if we have learned to become more divine.


Oh how great a moment, if to Him we say:

I have done my part, throughout all of my days.

But If idol we've been, our hearts would then melt.

For never a sorrow so great have you felt.


But now there is time in this life to extend,

the great understanding, which to us He lends.

For once all have died and moved on to the grave,

all those without truth will be Lucifer's slaves.










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