God Is...


God is my strength when I am weak

He is my hope when my world is shattered 

He is my faith when I am shaken


God is my only friend when the world has turned against me

He is my refuge when I have no place to go

He is the light in a world full of darkness


God puts me back together when I am broke

He loves me when I feel as if no one else care

He calms the storms raging in my life


God lifts the burdens I cannot handle on my owe 

He gives me patience when I do not understand His plan

He will never leave me or forsake me


God supplies my needs and washes all my worries away

He leads me down the path

He shows me the truth Satan is trying to hide


When I am blind, He helps me see

When I fall down, He helps me stand

When I am alone, He comforts

Even in my darkest hour, He is always there to show me the way out


When the world around does not make sense and is falling apart, God is everything to me  


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