Just Me

Fri, 11/13/2015 - 12:01 -- 1mariaa

Once upon a time there was this little girl that was brought into this world


She was like no other

One of a kind


Had eyes so innocent

She could tell any soul

Her life by looking into those big brown eyes that shine so bright like hidden diamonds in the sky


Her parents wished her the best not to be like any of the rest they have big dreams for her even though she wasn't the first and she wasn't the last

They made it their mission to make sure she had the best but I guess it doesn't always go as planned some things got worse then that little girl's world came crashing down such a young age it's a shame that it had to go that way


Couple years later

Some say its 'Part of God's master plan'

Some say 'Thats how life is'

Never felt sorry for her sitting in the bed imaging how different her life could have been instead


But none truly knew how she blamed her own self for everyones mistakes it hurted her so deep she thought that the world and her family would do better without her


But the only thing that stopped her was a dream she had now she always seemed to be chasing & conquering her dreams


The only things she refuses to do is to let anyone take that away from her also to be like anyone in her own family


What can I say she's been thru hell & back standing strong because god always got her back


Praise God she found the better way out instead the other way around only god knows what she would be doing if she didn't have that dream the possibilities are endless it goes on & on

Yet has anyone thought how it would be if she continued to have a life she did?


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My family
Our world
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