God Almighty

God Almighty by Christian Betancourt


How great is our God?

That spoke the very Earth into existence

With a simple breathe of air.

Everything fell into perfect place.

His hands designed the planets.

He painted colorfully the skies.

He crafted the moon and the stars.

He even formed you and I,

With unique features and a purpose.


How powerful is our lord?

That is able to control the seasons

Gives us water in the form of rain.

Gives us heat in the form of the sun.

Gives us carbon dioxide in the form of trees and plants.

And moves the winds in our favor.

All at the snap of his fingers.


How loving is thy lord?

Who sent his only begotten son,

Into the wrongful underserving Earth,

To suffer.

For our own sins and mistakes.

To pay the price for all humanity.

To save us from eternal hell,

And give us salvation instead.


How forgiving is he?

Who accepts our repentance,

Time after time.

Does not forsake us,

Despite our sinful nature.

And when I call out to your name,

You always respond.

Your love never fails.


He heals the broken,

And cures the ill.

And gives us brand new opportunities,

Each day.

Along with grace.


His arms are open to all his children.

They are filled with love,

And acceptance,

For anyone who wishes to accept him

As his savior.


That is why I love thy lord.

For he has always loved me.

His love is like a never-ending ocean.

A song with infinite words and melodies.

Always looking under me,

From high above.

Protecting his children,

His sheep,

His unique creation

That he cherishes

And is faithful always.



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Our world


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