He Has a Name


A being we can never fully grasp without His help.

One who brings us joy and emotion.

He who first felt pain and sorrow

Wishes to bring us only peace and prosperity.

The Alpha and Omega, reigning first, second, and last,

Was lonely.


Yahweh is His name.

He has a name. Not just God.

“God” has become numb.

How about this, Jehovah Jireh?

Call Him by His name, not just His

Well-deserved title.

Love Him as He, this emotion-filled

Being loves you.

Ever felt betrayed and unloved?

He felt that first and He felt that


Because dying on that cross He took on our pain.

Every ash, betrayal, curse on every human, ever, was put on this BEING at one time!

He has it. It is His. You may feel the debris,

But He felt the crash.

This God you pray to is more than a title, more than a verse,

He, is a spirit, like you and me.

He, Jehovah, is a being.

When we get to heaven, will we notice the King of Kings?

Because maybe we’re looking for the name tag marked “God”

And we miss the one that says

“Jehovah, “Yahweh,” “Abba,” “Father,” or even “Jesus”?

Now, obviously if we finish the narrow, hard training, corrective, repentance-filled race and are in His righteousness alone and then make it to Heaven, you’ll have no confusion on who or where the Master is.

But think.

Do you only wish to be called by your title- student, teacher, boss, employee, kid, adult-

or would you rather be called by your name?


Andrea Pales


This poem is about: 
Our world


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