this is not the end.

silence. that's all there was.

 emptiness. i open my mouth and no words come out.

screaming. my head wants to burst out all of the thoughts and cries scrambling around.

but there is only silence.

fear. of the thoughts and judgements of others.

doubt. am i even good enough for this world?

struggle. the evils pulling me in telling me i'm not worth the breath.

darkness. there are no cracks to even sense a glimpse of light.

broken. crying on the bathroom floor.

one voice. it was He who listened to my slient pleas when no one else could.

no words. just cries of the heart.

hope. bringing my knees up from the ground and drying my tears.

love. the greatest of all love there ever could be.

truth. i am worth every breath i breathe.

The Word. where i find my strength when i am hanging on by a thread.

true light. He is the light of the world and the light of my path.

heaven. there is so much more than the life i am living.

assurance. this is not the end.






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