If Politicians Are God

Then the ,
× in our votes is as good as the period at the end of this sentence
Viewer's poll for a fate that was already decided
Laws we must abide by like the Ten Commandments ,
remain legal before the 5-O's judgements
Serve jail-time for marketin' the meth they commissioned,
the constitution's maths doesn't add up as we had envisioned
But the ,
" Lord shall set a sinner free "
from hell ,
A hundred thousand dollar bill for a killer's ,
DEUTR: "Fear the Lord our God.. ", so they put the scare in sche(scare)matics:
200 CHRISTIAN school-girls kidnapped,
MH317 detoured ,
Of the map
Isis on the front page ,
Putin's rampage
Word-play to second guess your conviction,
[Are all terrorists Muslims or
All Muslims terrorists?] -- the power of propaganda's diction

Ebola's blemishes ,
23 200 African souls lost
An aftermath of it's grandiose toast
Compared to only 4 cases in the United States,
Only 2 live to tell a story
A conspiracy's glory?

If politicians are god
then the
White house equates to heaven ;
Vatican city the Pope's brethren
The prayers of a nation ,
answered with solemn condemnation
But they are doin' their best ;
Short-lived promises to ,
to keep a people's compliances
Headlines to,
to keep us amused ,
A voice like Snowden is,
is not approved
World hunger hasn't ended,
on par with these wars which are funded ..

I speak ill of a system WE put in place. But politics will never be the answer. God is. With a capital.


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