Play God

I wonder if we wish upon a star
for things to be different from the way they are
Would it erase what has originally been written in the stars?


If I had loved you hard enough
would it revert my fate
to make you return?


It seems like I can’t alter what has been set in stone
But stones can be chipped, and they can break
regardless of their formidable magnitude,
I will find my way to get you back.


Stars can fall,
they can die, and make new beginnings
The words inscribed on them are not permanent
Kill a star, I must
Watch them all fall, I shall.


And when my day comes
I will write your name
on the supernova that I had spawned.
A new story will have been written
A new destiny will be created.


For now, my mentality ponders
on how I can take down the universe
and play God. 

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