Everyday I wonder who I am
People try and tell me, but it just feels like a scam
And some days I think I’m at the top of the world
And I start to see God’s plan unfurl
And some days I think I’m at the end of the road
Why should I keep going if I’ve got nowhere to go?
But then God reminds me that I’m not alone
I’ll ask why do I feel like I’m living life out of balance?
I feel like I don’t have any gifts or talents
But God looks at me and says
My child you are more than you think
I gave you so many talents you wouldn’t believe
Then why the failures? I say,
And all the mistakes?
Where do they come in to play?
People laugh at my face
The world says I am weird and crazy
They call me stupid and lazy
But I’ll just look at them and smile
Because God tells me I’m worthwhile
You don’t call me by my name
My life is just a game,
To you
It seems like in everything I do, I fail, I lose
But I know there is a way for me to win
Because there was a man sent to save me from my sin
And they can say that I’m a number,
Just one of the crowd
But I will tell them I’m not afraid to stand out
You can say that I am different,
You can say that I am weird
But those are not the remarks that I will fear
I know that all my failures and all my mistakes
Are a part of the great plan that God makes
This whole world filled with hunger, death, and strife,
This broken road that we call life
It’s all part of his strategy
Yes our king, our Lord, and majesty
The one who crafted us inside his hands
And yet we still don’t seem to understand
That we may never be famous
They may never call us cool
But we are loved by the one who will rule
So open up our eyes and let us see
That we are the people God made us to be
And I know that there are times when I will scream and cry
But I know even more that the harder I try
God will be there whispering in my ear
Telling me to persevere
He gives me the hope that I can focus on what’s inside of me
There’s no need to impress society
So why don’t we quit hiding
Tell the Lord his love is exciting
We keep getting stronger
We won’t fit in any longer
We’ll stand out
Without a doubt
Don’t you see?
This is who you are made to be
Who you are doesn’t come from popularity
Who you are doesn’t come from a screen
Who you are is who God made you to be
That, that is your identity.
This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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