Self Inflicted Pain

self inflicted pain

I'm pouring salt in my own wounds.

Stuck in the past;

time doesn't heal after all.


Thoughts in your mind

are constantly telling you

You're not good enought to weak,

not strong enough.


Physically holding together

but mentally your joints are disconnecting.

walking and trying to keep everything intact

but it's no use you're already discombobulated.


Decapitated from your own thought process.

Breathe in, breathe out.

every breath is worth it

Every thought is a lie.


You're strong, brave, and courageous.

You don't believe it;.

Stitching together old woulds

but it's to late.


Infections have spread 

ill minded and weak bodied 

you still walk

you still think.


When you feel as if you can walk no longer.

Grace is there to pick you off your feet.

with invisible support

you continue to walk, and your tears begin to fade.


You found that paradise 

was in your mind.

locked behind all fo the lies

that once told you who you were.


You're strong, brave, and corageous.

God is good, his work is beautiful.

He saved you

You saved you.


With all of the work it took to get here

you see the stars that once hid behind the dark.

You see your journey and you're reminded

you were a survivor from the start.


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