Xxasperated Irritated

Feeling the need to be Elated

Want to be liberated 

Trying to fascilate it 


Trying to Spread my wings

Striving to Do great things

Pursuing my own dreams

Beyond reason it seems


 Xxasperated Irrigated 

Floods of life I'm saturated

Sunset Sunrise

Excess moisture leaves my eyes


Overwhelmed, Underwhelmed

Occuring at the same time

I feel like I'm shining as bright

As the Midnight Sky


Im Xxasperated prostrated

Searching to achieve rest

Striving to beat the test

That is my life i guess


I Guess I presume

I thought I knew

I know that a Man

Needs a guiding hand


No longer Xxasperated

Some might call it peace

I found my guiding hand

As a result I release


I release to elation

I release to sublime

I released my troubles

at least for this one time


No longer Xxasperated

No longer held down

I can spread my wings

I can soar now


No longer Xxasperated

No longer doomed to drown

I can elevate 

I Can breathe now


No longer Xxasperated

No longer restless

I can siesta

I embrace stillness



This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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