Deeply Lined Hands

One tear fell
I was alone
Harsh words shattered,
my perfect dream, and selfish reality was lain
before my turbulant mind

His hands, once so gentle,
now shoved me aside,
so easily, like I was nothing
the breeze I thought I had captured
Left, wild

Rain fell that night, and a storm blew
through the ruins
as if to remind
but still i was silent

The pages turned
The suns set
The moon rose
And I surrendered
to the chaos of despair

But He came,
The one with the deeply lined hands
and no more was I alone
No longer did I wander on that vast emptiness,
that desolate plain
that was my forced reality

Color returned,
The world bloomed
and my heart, once dead,
beat again
And the one with deeply lined hands
took mine in his,
and a smile
touched my lips for the first time
since that wild, selfish breeze
had taken my smile


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