Why are we fake christians?

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 17:41 -- BN15

Why is it that our Bibles are covered with highlights, notes, and dust,

but our minds are filled hatred, lies, and lust?


How is it that the churches are full on Sundays,

but no one wants to pray on Monday?


How is it that we claim God moved, 

but our lives don’t prove it?


How is it that we say God transforms,

but we try to make the world conform


to the church culture we created?

And we wonder why we’re hated.


Why is that we emphasis dressing, talking, and acting a certain way,

but we don’t even teach people how to pray?


Why do we claim to want God back in our nation 

when Christ isn’t even our own foundation?


How is it that we complain when we feel unloved or rejected,

but we let Christ be the one who is the most neglected?


Why do we have the nerve to say we love God,

but then we won’t even serve?


Why are people praised when they dance or lift their hands,

but we condemn people when they actually take a stand?


It doesn’t matter if your hispanic, black, or white

we’re all called to be a light.


Rather young or old

we’re all suppose to be bold.


Our goal, rather male or female, 

should be that no one dies and goes to hell.


If we’d just take the time to look within 

then maybe for once we’d see our own sin,


and instead of thinking we are the best and deserve to be first

we’d proclaim that we are the worst.


Just like Paul 

who was probably more faithful than us all.


So no more manipulation, no more control, and no more insults,

so maybe we’ll stop looking like a cult.


Let’s love, serve, teach,

and allow our actions to preach.


We need to give Christ back His job to restore,

so maybe The Church will start to look like Her Lord. 





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Our world


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