The Painting of Life by Tristen Reese

The Painting of Life by Tristen Reese

There are different paths in life; yet life is like a maze.

You make lefts, you make rights ... but are you making decisions that are winning.

Asking yourself, are you living for God or are you too busy sinning?

Now here is the big question; did you live your life right?


Tell me what is your purpose in life?

Is it to find yourself or to discover you are hurting?

Deep inside you find yourself fighting your conscience.

Finding yourself in an unbearable pain; but yet your future is bright, 

so be patient and stay in your lane.

Do you break down in tears or stand up and fight?


What is life?

Is it a river where you are swimming in sin?

Or is it a pit; where they are pilling dirt on your name, trying to box you in.

When you're gone, what is the picture your life has painted?

Did you dance with the Devil or did you live like a David?

Whatever your choice; only God knows your fate.

He gives you wisdom and favor and that you must take.


Its like you are drowning in a lake.

Full of dirty water; your clothes soaked in your struggles.

People say they are on your team but they are not in your huddles.

As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

You will meet a fork in the road, where you will sit back and recollect, 

Asking "Did I cross that "t"?"

"Did I dot that "i"?"

Am I living for eternal life or am I living not to die?


Now you stand at the fork, its time to choose your fate.

You could choose the road to heaven or you could die in that lake.

You either succeed or you burn; a story only you can tell.

But know life is a race... so chose your path well.

Be strong through your struggle and keep hold of your faith.

Be proud of what you have done and be sure to do it well.

Yes, we know life is short but will you prevail?

When the fat lady sings and the clock hits twelve,

You will either be celebrating in heaven or suffocating in hell.



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My family
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My country
Our world
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