My beloved,

Here we are, my lips to your ears.

May the sound of truth echo a melody in your chest.

I have given all I had just to reach you,

No words can even scratch the surface of my love for you.


You have loved and lost,

Given your heart to wolves that have devoured.

Every hello has shape shifted into goodbye,

And at the sound of goodbye, your heart shattered.

But I promise you I will never depart,

And nothing, nothing can ever separate you from my love.

My love, can heal every wound, scratch, tear and scar,

For your heart, I have sacrificed it all.


I long for the day, the hour, the minute, the moment you let me in.

I will stand here, patiently knocking on the door of your heart until you open.

Just to hold you in my arms,

A treasured jewel you are.

With one touch, the sun will rise in your gloomy midnight soul.

As morning comes, mourning will leave and there will remain a dew of love, peace and joy.

So let me close enough, for just one touch.


I have seen the way you cover the cracks in your chest,

The burden you bear, a tonne; but that job is mine.

Let me carry you through this journey of life,

In the storm I will come, we can pass through together.

Through the blazing fire in my eyes I see you in purity,

Your beauty is unseen but it’s obvious to me.


Every tear from your eyes, a splinter in my soul,

You have cried many waterfalls, I know.

Every bladed kiss to your skin, I have felt,

For every time you got sick, a slash to my back.

I too bare nail shaped scars,

For you I would die and resurrect a thousand times.

Before the foundations of the earth I adored you,

And I will do what it takes just to show you.


No man can love you like I do,

With floods in my eyes I watch you love something that will destroy you.

So take this crimson liquid as a symbol of my love,

And I pray that one day, for you I will be enough.

With my sword, the dragon between us has been destroyed,

A kiss I lay upon your lips, arise and shine my sleeping beauty, arise and shine.

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Thank you, all of the glory goes to God.. The Holy Spirit just had His way on this one. And yeahh sure that sounds great and I actually did that today hahaha

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