I'm good. I don't need anything.

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 13:27 -- Mawusi

Help!!!, Help!!!

Somebody help me. I’m stuck on this frickin’ island and I didn’t have time to take anything with me.

Can anybody hear me? Might as well talk to the guy in my head

Well at least I’m used to this, playing the background waiting for my moment to attack.

Remember that time we said when we get the perfect body we will get any women we wanted or maybe the one we have been waiting for. But then we got the woman and it didn’t help plus we would probably go crazy out here alone and I don’t think she was ready to go crazy with me.

No, better yet remember when we said if we get just a smidge more money we would be set, but every time we had extra money we wasted it. It’s probably better we didn’t bring it.

Oh this is a good one remember when we needed to be organized and we started but soon realized we didn’t have enough space to be organized. I think I’m good with space out here maybe I can finally learn how to be organized.

The big one all we had to do was find that right girl to end our sex/porn addiction but soon after we meet I started back because she wasn’t enough for me to stop. Can’t bring her though she dumped me because she couldn’t love me; so bringing her would be weird.

Hello?!, Hello?!

Is somebody there?

Yes, it’s your father. That’s why I didn’t recognize the voice. I should I knew him good or bad. That’s better than many could say.

Not your earthly father although he sees you. But Christ.

Hey how’s it going? Everything well in heaven? Yeah,Yeah that’s good. If you have time I know you’re a busy man but I’m kinda stuck so if you can get me off this island. I would be grateful, maybe even stop sinning.

Have you ever realized why you were on this Island? Yeah because the plane crashed. Well you’re still not ready. I’ll be back

Wait, Wait!!!!

Get me off this Island. Thanks for the help. Like always leaving when I need you but at least I have a coconut this time.

Back to talking with myself. Can you believe this guy? First, instead of being like everybody else and just having an absent father; he gives us a father who is there. And he does more damage than if he was absent.

Or what about your sister? Pushed us to the background and had us out here learning everything for ourselves. You know I think I’m glad I didn’t take God with me that would have been a lot all the rules and feeling bad.

Have you figured out why you are here yet?

Yeah, to see I don’t need you.

Well what you said were right. I did give you a less than optimal father. I counter acted that with a superwoman of a mother. Let’s not forget, it’s real easy to remember all the bad you had with a person and not the good. Videogames, time in the park, shopping, just hanging out. That same father did that.

Let’s get on that sister. You know the one who made your life terrible. The one who read to you as a little kid. Who went to school with you. The one right next to you at the adoption center. Let’s talk about this sister born to a crack-addicted mother to still succeed in life. And no matter how bad you treat her, still loves you.


I’m never there, I was never there when you got jumped and left without injury. I was never there for every plane ride that landed successfully, I was never there to bring you from a Chicago city kid, to working towards your masters at 23. Let’s go smaller I was never there every morning you woke up. You don’t deserve to be here but you are. We made something out of nothing. Don’t you realize I take the worst things and bring the greatest things from them.

But you right you don’t need me, well I think there’s some fruit trees over that way but don’t worry I’m leaving.

Wait, Wait

I……I……I need relationship. I need love. I need joy. I need you.

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