My Hero

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 23:33 -- Kish535


Dang, were do I begin

Should I start the story of my sin?

Maybe thats too broad but here I go

Im not your average 18 year old you know

Once upon a time a few years ago

I was a bad kid, stuck on the below

Doing drugs and alcohol...a true sloppy joe

But I wasnt all bad, I had some art in me though

I aspired to be better cause I held my own master key

But how could I ever climb the Bottom of the Tree, the Tree

The Tree, The Tree I call life

Cause I kept something on my kneck, called a knife

killing me slowly cause I was stuck in this strife

This conflict, this hold that I will never have a wife



I rather be dead, than gay and hated

putting anger in my head

Starting from the words, starting from the hate

I was told by some people that I could never enter through Heavens gate

But instead for me it was too late, I was doomed, I was damned,

Cursed by Gods hand. 

I thought it was true, I thought I should just die

I did nothing with my days except for cry

But one day i fell in love, and it was a dream from the stars up above in the sky

It was art, it was beauty, it was a way to express

For once in my life

I lifted up my own stress

For once in my life

I felt I was truely blessed

It was my salvation, It was my release, 

I am finally at peace


That sweet flowing art

Like the blood that rushes through my heart

My Hero, the thing that helped me depart.

It was the way I let myself know 

that I am not alone, I was part of a whole

And I am no longer hurt by words like Homo

This is my story on how poetry opened my mind

It was my truth, my own design

The glory of it all, it is truly one of a kind.

Yet I have a message for all of you who began to decline

Keep your head up buddy, your story is unconfined

dont let anyone throw you in the back of the line. 

Let  poetry be your hero, I did and the feeling is undefined.





You sir are quite a poet. I love the transition from negativity to positivity. It lights me up and it gave me a smile. You rock!

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