A mission. A mission.

what am I to do?

High school and college

intend to point me right to:


The purpose of my days,

the job I am to do.

Why do I feel so lost,

torn and confused?


I sought the school, the government,

internet and the bank,

who can help me

reconcile this inner crave?


For purpose, effectiveness

—in whom I know, where I go

For joy and meaning

in life’s ebb and flow.


On mission. On mission.

Fulfilled and plugged In.

O, how I desperately

long to be there, friend!


I discover my talents

and where they land.

my life is encompassed in

a grander scheme—a wider plan.


With a world lashed in

fear, pain and great sorrow,

how can my little life

effect change for tomorrow?


So direct me—guide me

—encourage me if you may,

though none can determine,

only help light my way.

To laugh, to love, to give, to serve,

no glory, no fame, just lives to preserve.

Could it so simple to show up willing-handed?

Could words be life, relieving those who feel demanded?


It gets tough, gets hard,

tests my faith.

Something deeper than I empowers

 —an authority I embrace.


No scholar, No author,

no keeper of man—

can intervene, interfere with a

Sovereign-scrolled plan.


With intention, imperfection and honesty,

may I move a heart, a people or industry.

With favor, wisdom and freedom from lies

may I be moved to such monumental strides.


No longer feeling empty,

a Mission I have found.

The maker loves to turn

prodigals to the profound.


Lifted to authority through

him who’s beckoned me—

My ultimate worth is found

in working for a King.


On mission. On mission.

for Love’s good sake,

I humble, submit and amend.

Whether doctor, teacher, lawyer, friend,

I’m on mission till the END.


6-26-13 4am



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