As I reflect

Sat, 10/31/2015 - 12:18 -- Bravo

I done went up the mountain and uh i even back slid became a product of my environment I hopeless
told God that I hope this life don't last forever
why am I still here I know that there's something better than the chedder
wanting aks glocks and Berettas
just to increase my chances of dying
and waking feds up fed up with my perception
rejection in this society
hard to wake those days and to live in total sobriety
it seemed the only way to make it
be a notoriety
my view gotta be different
I'm missing the bigger picture
tried to talk to God before hit the sheets
quoting scripture
next day blowing out smoke
holding my liqueur
plotting on a come up sell drugs or do a stick up
my brother taught me how to bag up
and even hold a gun
forgot who taught me to pray and I should know the son
but it was innate to see the cops and know you sposed to run
if they chase we stayed blazed with murder in our lungs looking to sky asking God is there a better way
he said there is wanna to see it?
then you better change
it's kinda strange how the pain keep me motivated almost buried me in my shame look how i cultivated knowledge is power
and my ignorance was my destruction
my own obstruction refused to follow those wise instructions
that was giving while living in sin
my life was ending before it began
feels good to know all of my losses prepared me to win

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