Victory Over the Storms

Mon, 04/04/2016 - 21:52 -- remy_cd

Just listening to the rain

Reminds me of all the pain

The thunder rolls like your lies

Why do I find that a surprise

The lighting strikes to start a fire

It is wearing me down to the wire

Why does it have to rain

To drown me in all the pain


A flash and a roll brings me to my knees

I scream to the heavens help me please

It is bringing back what you did to me

Why can’t I set myself free

I wish the lighting would erase

Wash the tears from my face

I wish the lighting would strike

And set my whole world right

I wish the thunder would roll

And fix the hole inside my soul


But this storm is not here to hurt me

To kill me or torture me

It’s here to show your beauty and your story

My pain is not in vein it’s for your glory


I think of Peter in the midst of the storm

The disciples around him and how they were torn

They saw death flashing before their eyes

But they had to keep going in they wanted to survive

But in the distance what did they see?

Jesus walking on water, how could it be?

Oh but it was

And Peter had trust

He said Lord if it is true and my eyes do not deceive

Let me come onto the water let me walk with thee

Jesus extended his hand and called for him

Peter stepped out on faith and the storm grew dim

But no, not in reality

He had just looked upon Jesus instead of the sea

He stopped worrying about his troubles he stopped worrying about his pain

He stopped worrying about this world because this world will all pass away


He looked into the eyes

Of the one who can set this world right

The one who can erase

The pain and the tears that had steaked my face

And yet he looked away

Somehow managed to not put his eyes above the waves

Leaving him wishing and screaming for someone to set it right

Jesus pulled him up, brothers and sister we walk by faith and not by sight


Jesus is the one who has erased

Who has taken my fear

Who has taken my pain

Where did he take it? He took it to the grave!

So I set my eyes on the Father

And my mind on things above  

For I know my victory was won

When King Jesus said let it be done




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