Your Spirituality


Praise and meditation


A walk down the street

Freestyle mobility

Your mind

Even your heart

And your soul

And your body

Are within oneself

God made you

Your body 

Is a temple

That can't be broken

Mahatma Gandhi said,

"You can torture me

You can harm me

But you'll never imprison

My mind"

Your mind is your weapon

Rather than a bomb

For nuclear war

Choose peace

Praise and meditation

Gives you truth and understanding

Your spirituality

Is an essential part of your life

Give me truth

Rather than fame

Don't exploit me

Don't slander my name

Especially if you don't know me

Or what's on my mind

The whole world is a hustle

Peace I'm trying to find

Inner peace


Relaxation of the body

Prayers in the mind

To no one but God

He who hears me

Shall answer my prayers

And wake up humanity



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