Letter from God to Man


Hey there, just writing you a note, a chance to know me better;

Informing you that your potential has not already been achieved.

It’s funny how you don’t notice me but I’m right there at the altar.

‘Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.’

Maybe if you think about it, how are you supposed to see?

You burn down my home, and transform it into an entertainment for yourself.

It is where my son changes from bread to body, please give him some courtesy.

After all for you he took his own life, had a choice but sacrificed.

I only created fear to protect you from yourself; but now people fear people,

You murder and abuse each other like life is worth a penny.

You accuse me of not saving you but controlling you isn’t so simple.

You hate, discriminate, execrate and terrorize many.

‘I have called you by your name, carved you in the palm of my hand’.

But you pleasured in corrupting my teaching and interpreted it to meet the needs of others.

I want peace, but war is what I get; you neglect and pollute my land.

The hand that your name is carved upon has been cemented and bricked;

Only by you never to be discovered.

The human role in creation and the nature is destroying the world,

But I feel like I should take the blame for creating pain and suffering when I made this world.

I feel I should take the blame for not seeing all the good things you do and realising it before.

When you give to charity, you’re opening your door for the poor.

So I promise you, when the time comes, ‘knock and it shall be open unto you’.

For you spread my word hoping to bring faith and respect.

It’s nice to see peace and freedom is what you try to make-do.

And that is why I still love you, my child, whatever you do don’t affect.

I see hope in your eyes, love in your hearts and talents all over your body,

You know what those bring, equality!

It makes me joyful to see you working in harmony.

I understand you might not have had the best start,

Because you didn’t have the knowledge or understanding,

You sinned from the beginning needlessly.

But I do not judge you on who you were, but who you will turn out to be.

So turn out to be a person I made you to be.

Looking after Mother Nature, her trees and plants.

 ‘Love one another, as I have loved you’.

I understand it is not easy, you’re only human.

But when you do so, everything else will fall into place,

The 10 commandments will be hard to displace,

Do just good on earth so that when you ‘come home, I'll throw the biggest party heaven has ever seen.’

‘I have always been Father, and will always be Father’, ‘My question is, will you be My child?’


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