I Am

Am I pretty?

Am I popular?

Am I nice?

Am I loved?

Am I a joke?

Am I stupid?

Am I a mistake?

Am I enough?

Do I fit in?

Do I stand out?

Did I really do that?

Should I?

Could I?

Do I?

Must I?

Am I?

Does He forgive?


Does He love?


Did He die?


Is He?

Can He?

Will He?

Does He?

Should He?


The question is about Him,

Not me,

Not I

But somehow in this twisted system we call life

We all try,

We all strive

To be the center

Of attention

But God is an intervention

I think I am the sun

And other people are planets that orbit me

Follow me

Do what they see

Decide who to be

But I am not the sun

I am just a planet

An orbiter of God

Yes I am not the center

It is not into my kingdom people enter

When they die

No I am not the focus

Because I sin

And again and again

I wonder if I have fallen out of orbit

Every time I sin

Am I pushing myself away

From Him

Am I putting me first

Am I quenching my thirst

When He's the living water

And suddenly it's back to me

I am once again the false center of all that breathes

Or it feels that way

But popularity

And fame

They never stay

Beauty, love, friends

They are fleeting

And I,

I am needing


He is here

I am hurt

He is healer

I am in constant fear

He is comfort

I am a sinner

He is forgiver

I am lost

He is seeker

He is strong

And I am weaker





And with this

I am back in orbit

Never floating in an empty space


I am face to face

With my creator

And then

It all falls into place

I cannot focus on me

I cannot call myself names

Cannot say "I am"

Because this whole "life" thing

Isn't a game

And Jesus, The Lamb

Yes, He said

HE said

"I Am"

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