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I like the way things are now:
How I can stand at the edge
The sidewalk stopping
Cars flying by, missing everything
Without feeling so tempted to run
To get away
Because where I am now is fine.

Sun reminds me
Rushing through dirty windows
In the front seat of my mother's car
Pink flowers blossom on the corner
"Jesus saves and forgives," scrawled
In dripping white spray paint
On the back of some poor soul's Chevy

The world growing
Buildings shrinking
With brick walls to hold me up
Stalemated against you on the last day of January
I laughed it off
Familiarity that's become unnatural
And this time I don't have to play pretend

I still cried that night
Tears gone as quickly as they'd come
For fear that the happiness would do the same

Tears of joy,
That was joy
Running down my face in droplets
As He smiled at me

Eyes lighting on fire
A flame never burned out
But only in need of rekindling
You said "might as well"
And I took it for everything it wasn't
Silently screaming,
"Never again."

As God lit a match
And set me free


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