Hidden Truth

I struggle!

Every day I struggle:

I battle with the Truth;

I wrestle with who I am.


I am a sinner,

Indeed, that cannot be hidden,

But my inner self I keep inside,

Away from those I love.


I do not hide my heart

For the dark it holds;

Rather, for the light

That is trapped underneath.


I am afraid of

Revealing my true nature:

Not due to my evil, but because

I am not who I want to be.


Who I am and who I want to be

Are two persons competing

In the frail body that carries me,

Both struggling towards the Truth.


For I am both the son of God

And the son of the Prince of Lies;

But only One carries my inheritance,

And the Other bears my destruction.


Only in the Truth

Can I truly be saved.

Only in revealing the desires of my heart

Can I receive the Light!

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