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I think the Earth was crying,

Because I woke up and there was rain.

I think the world is dying,

Because we cause it constant pain.

What are we doing to God’s creation?

-Hang our heads in shame.

Too much occurrence and too much disturbance

Overwhelm us all.

So much tension, and not to mention,

We don’t catch each other when we fall.

Each mountain we climb gets steeper and steeper,

What happened to being our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper?

Can’t we see?

How could this be?

We as a people are turning so far from the truth,

We as a people are turning so far from our roots.

Lies are being told,

Women and children are being sold.

Families in recession,

People living in depression.

Some things among us are beyond our power,

But we can still support each other in our darkest hour.

Most things in this world cannot be undone,

But we can start fresh again and all become one.


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