The Lonliest is He


United States
34° 58' 43.7232" N, 78° 53' 41.5464" W

A being but not of flesh
He is existence
He is truth
He is all

The melody he sings
Graces the ears
Like honey the tongue

A fresh current sprung
Spreading, reaching, growing, flowing—unheard

A solo he sings
In an unaccompanied key
The loneliest is He

His resounding voice

Into the light
Into the dark

Come nightfall
Come daybreak

Through the waters above
The waters below

Come twilight
Come first light

Splashing the sea
Crumbling the land

Come dusk
Come dawn

His resounding voice

Making the sun shine
Moon reflect
Stars flicker


On wings in the sky
On fins in the sea

Come evening
Come morning

On backs across land
Shine moonbeam
Shine sun ray
The loneliest is He

Dirt of the ground
Dust of the sound
Formed in His image
Born from His knowledge
Most satisfied is He

The accompanied key
Together they sing
A duet of Deity and Man

To raise a new voice
A final choice
The Woman arose
From Man’s own bones

A trio amongst trees
A garden to please
A trinity of sound
Of song
Of voice
Of Life

No longer one
But three
The purest harmony


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