Dear God

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 15:02 -- ramseye

God I wish you'd stop by and say hi.
So that we can talk about life.
And answer all the reasons why.
Like why do we have to die.
Or why do we have to cry
And why do we have to lie
And why do we forget love
But always remember time
And want to sin and commit crimes
And always leave our families to get high?
Why don't we see the truth?
Why dont we see the light?
Why do we always have to fight
When it's our lip we need to bite?
Why do we follow evil?
I guess were just not bright.
Why are kids scared
And cant sleep at night?
When will things be alright?
When will my burdens be set free?
Why are we blinded?
Why can't we see?
Why do we live our lifes
Thinking it's all bout me?
When will you fix it?
The point of life
Why do we miss it?
Lord I cant take this.
Lifes just a death wish.
Why can't we cus
When everything is bullshit.
Why is rap
Considered bad music?
You mean to tell me its just miscommunication.
You mean to tell me I dont have to turn the radio station.
You mean to tell me, we just messed up the translation
And we are worshipping pagans
And it doesn't matter if we are white black or asian
And thats why loves a rare occasion
And thats helping satan
And that we just need to understand the truth
And we might see a change in the troubled youth.
And I pray you use me as proof
And I'll do all I can do
And show them christianity is not a spoof.


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