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Your eyes see through me, my heart, it .
4 hours 17 min ago
Hey, fluffy white cloudsEvery day I cheer youYou are like a genie from a lampWishing, on you I can stamp
5 hours 12 min ago
Now It’s A Phrase That I Love But What Really Is Up... ?!? With Heads Who Choose To ... FAKE THE FUNK... !!!
5 hours 31 min ago
i   There was never a day i didn’t try to take your breath away.
5 hours 40 min ago
why are you reading this did you ask yourself? what is the question behind the answer you are what you are
6 hours 20 min ago
You didn't know this was the last time you would see me But I knew it was the last time I would see you
6 hours 23 min ago
the room  the light the color the sky twisted motions behind your back the curling of your tongue
6 hours 32 min ago
On se demande On s’interroge On se recommande
6 hours 34 min ago
I guess its just mixed thoughts all delusional  We constantly believe we can change is there actually a cycle
6 hours 52 min ago
I feel the crunch under my teeth, the initial acidity overwhelming my taste buds 
9 hours 27 min ago