All I Need.

I’m tempted to say oxygen

Were most critical to my survival,

Like a smart-alec,

But it only keeps

Me alive,

Continuing a process

His Breath



I might claim that

Daily sustenance is as

Non-negotiable as delicious,

But it only sustains

My life,

Fueling a body

His Hands



I could be a perfect

Daughter, declaring I couldn’t live

Without my wonderful family,

But it only helps

Me to live,

Emulating a relationship

His Heart



I think I’d put my favorite

Book at the top of my list of “needs,”

Because reading is magic,

But it only supplements

My life,

Filling a brain

His Mind



I ought to side with the Beatles

Because, surely, Love is all you need;

Without it, would the world tick at all?

But it only derives from

True Love,

Saving a soul

His Son

Bled for.


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