Absent Father

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 14:09 -- veshad

(I open my eyes and see no male figure there
trying to reach for a person with no care
how can someone not care of about a child you helped to get here
As I got older I tried to put the pieces together but I was always missing one thing that meant a lot to me, a Father. He was here mentally, not that much physically
My mom and grandma always tried their best to make a complete family for me
no one felt how I felt, I felt some much hurt that I took in vain
but God blessed me and things started to change
I started to forget the past and focus on the future because God has a plan for me
and he's my FATHER
so in the end, nothing was missing, I just needed to see, there was no absent Father, because GOD was always here for me.)




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