A Letter to Myself (Scholarship Entry)

Sun, 06/19/2016 - 03:20 -- dfm36

Listen fool, you write and weep.
Go out and see, the truth that the world hides from me.
Why do you enslave yourself in your own emotion?
Like a man lost out in the ocean, drowning himself
With faith and devotion.
It's a never ending cycle, you do not understand.
I write these words, with pen in hand, to find my way back
A map, guiding me to the person God had planned.
A love story gone bad? Are you not a man?
Stop worrying about who is next, there is plenty to
Pick out of nests.
I repeat myself, I should not, but I must. For there is no love I seek, not one, or two, for I shall not fall for lust.
The person I search is myself, the one before I fell in sin.
I know if I continue, I'll find myself again.
Is this a joke? I am you, the lust and the sin.
The spirit that roams within. The devil that has always been. Do I need to make you fall again?
Fall I shall not, for I have changed my views.
God has forgiven me, your grasp has no grip to screw.
I write these words to heal, to destroy, to remember, and to forget.
I write these words to speak, to teach, to learn, and to never regret.
A Letter to Myself I now send, the spirit before the sin.
Where I felt more at home than I've ever been.
Come home, I am waiting. These words speak wisdom.

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