Sometimes in life things change

We watch what we used to have start to fade

Drift back into outer space, like Pluto from its planet name

People we used to know go as strangers as we walk by

Never stopping to realize we might have known them in our past life

What do you do when everything you knew, that was you, your home became somethin' no longer apart of you

Flashed into the past all too fast

You're alone, where's your home, the grass you mow, I don't know

I got these meds I take, doc says  I can't cope, it's all too much 'n' I better take 'em so I can be touched

Touched by peace to stop with the jitters 

Stop the panic attacks that cut through me like scissors 

'Cause it's ultimately messin' with all the good Lords blessins' 

So take away the pain that serpent creates 

Get his confessions, take away his hate

Help us find home when we feel all alone

I know You hear every cry and every moan

I know I'll be better in the morn', but get me through this night so I can be reborn


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