Every time we walk, there’s a way in which we go.

Far or close, we are moving from a point.

Left or right there’s a direction that we choose.

This leads us to an end in which we cannot be excused.


Life is limited by the course of our actions.

We are either fools or wise measured by reactions.

If we are all sinners how can we ever be righteous?

Only through the One who overcame sin in every fashion.


So do we stay still and let this world dictate our outcome?

How can we keep putting our trust in someone else’s actions?

Put it all behind and look forward,

There’s hope for all who desire to move.


Death is inevitable and unpredictable,

But why fear it if we can live past it.

The sorrow we experience He won’t let it last.

If we surrender and follow his path

God will give us joy and everlasting life.



Life is made up of decisions. How much faith we have will determine our actions. I started putting my faith on the things from this world. Those things sometimes are not bad on their own. For example I put my faith on friends. If they were friends that had God in their lives they could help me to grow in faith. But if they are friends who do not know God, they help me put faith in them or other things. As I grew up I began to notice that I was not putting my faith on God, instead I was trying to relieve pain, and fill my life with friends, relationships and things that would only get the job done temporarily. Unfortunately, knowing about something is not the same as having wisdom. 

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