A letter of despair and trust to God


I'm supposed to be where wings are made but I'm not sure how to fly yet.

When will that person come, to show me how to get to that place yet unknown?

That place where in my dreams is revealed but in life is classified.

I could try to fly on my own but that'll be the most silliest thing I've ever done.

If I do I'll probably from this tree fall. 

I better wait for that person to instruct me how to go.

I'm so close yet so far, will I be able to wait until your angel arrives? Or will I run in despair and still on my own try to fly?

No... that'll be too foolish of me. I know better than that. 

So here I'll be with my wings attached hoping for the day when they finally take flight.

Gratefully enjoying what I have, treasuring our promise like it's a beating heart.

My trust is in your hands but please don't forget to pass by. 

My long waited love and my most desired dream are waiting for me to arrive.


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