Dear Sweet Daughter

My sweet daughter,

It is in this moment I do declare even in your loneliness
I was there.
You weeped in absence of love not found,
I gave you strength to continue to look around.
You asked for a man who would capture your heart,
I guided you to a friendship that was a more secure place to start.
It is in this man your faith will grow,
he will seek My wisdom in the answers he does not know. Like you his start was a but untamed
but i blessed him to feel grace in your presence, per say :).
I asked him to guide you with a protected heart
because it will be hard for you my daughter
to be so vulnerable from the start.
Burdens of your past hold your heart still,
but my sweet girl for you THIS plan is My will:

For you through this relationship to seek my kingdom still.
It is this promise your hearts will chase,
in pursuing a love together,
to win the ultimate race.
My sweet daughter look how far you have come,
I am proud of your progress and everything you have done. Your tears will be proved vain by the perfect man who seeks first to let me lead you both by the hand.
You see, your threads will be strong in forming a wonderful knot,
yet with a third thread your relationship has a better shot.
I give you blessing on this day forth,
honor my word, and my blessings for this relationship will follow course.


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