A Quiet Voice



This past year things have been bad

It seems like everyone around me is glad?

It builds others up to watch me fall

because their all so used to me standing tall

They see i’m weak and they tear me down

Now all they see is a giant frown

I used to smile and fake hide my tears

Then I heard a small voice saying your end is near

The voice whispered it's time to jump

If you do you'll be out of your slump

In this world you're just a waste of space

Admit it, you don't belong in this place

Just die it will ease your pain

If you die it will break all your chains

Youll be free from your brokenness inside

You weren't important but atleast you tried.

I climbed to the edge where I thought I would jump

In my throat there was a small lump

Before I jumped I heard something say dont!

Then my feet wouldn't move off that hard stone

The voice said sit down for a few

If you wouldn't mind i’d love to talk to you.

I need you to listen closely to me

Because this is so sad it just can't be

Do you find yourself alone and somewhat afraid?
No matter how many times you’ve cried and prayed

I see a wounded spirit and a broken heart.
I've known all about you, from the very start

See my name is Jesus and I am your friend

I will always be here from beginning to end

I died for you on the old tree

You think you're worthless? Well I disagree

After hearing my precious Lord speak

I began to feel tears roll down my cheek

You’re the one that I need! With You I have scored!
You are God, and make life worth living for!



Carsyn Baucom

Wow this was very deep, I like the ending alot!

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