10 commandments


We all have dreams, though most seem to never prosper

We all are sinners, nothing can save this gospel

The pigs we gobble, the devil we follow, the poisons we swallow, all lead to evil bethrothals

The heat is definitely heavy with a few seeds in the belly

Don't let this on turn out to be a beast, let him know that home is not the streets

Blowin o's don't give you no peace, the sky is a limit you can reach and Jesus is more than a piece

Oh Lord, these words I preach so real, the smoke I breath I shall not inhale

My enemies are forgotten, I shall not kill, these men I conquer, I don't share my will

But still, we all have our days

Cotton mouth now, I'm back to my ways

Seems like my vices will forever stay

Sweet almighty Lord get out of my way, come back when unbearable is the pain

When the candy is gone I love to taste, when I stop running this fatal race

When all aspects turn to shame, and the only word left is hate

Then you can bless us with your amazing grace

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