Seeing people laugh 

Making people smile 

These are just some things 

That make it all worthwhile 


What's the point of life? 

The point of life is this: 

Giving real effort towards 

Forming new friendships 


Meeting some new people 

Cheering someone up 

These are just some things 

That makes my heart go "Yup. 


This is why I love 

Living on this earth 

Celebrating good things, 

Stopping by my church" 


Sometimes I feel down or 

I'm just not feeling right 

But I can go outside and 

Experience the light 


The sun has the power 

To make us all feel warm 

It'll always be there when we feel 

Like we're in a storm 


Listening to music 

Focusing on sounds 

Saves me from the world that 

Feels like a battleground 


Mixing music quickly 

As a DJ yes I am 

Seeing someone dance 

Using my program 


Playing some good songs 

With my trusty DDJ 

These are just some things 

That makes my body sway 


Let me change the world 

I want to see it grow 

Give the people feelings 

They never dreamed they'd know 


People can't just know 

All the things they're missing 

Someone has to show them 

What the good life brings 


I'm working towards that now 

As I write away my thoughts 

These are just some things 

I think about a lot 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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