For the Bible Tells Me So

You don't need to pray to get what you need
You don't need to pray to be happy
We are all born with flaws
So we hope there's a God
Who can take them all off
How can we stand ourselves
When we all know we're going to hell

So we bow down
Without question
Walk in line
Learn our lessons
God Damn me if I say it feels wrong
I just can't keep marching along

Change comes slowly
Like white smoke of the holy
I'm burning ideas in my head
I'll never be troubled after I'm dead
Just keep aiming your bullets at my head
I'll stick to changing minds instead

I won't bow down
I will question
All these hateful things
Some of you call lessons
God Damn it
It feels so right
To step out of line and fight

Nail me to your perceptions
I am free of the misconceptions
You'll label me a liar I know
For the Bible tells me so



If it's offensive, it was your choice to be offended

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